Sunday, 25 October 2015

Halloween Inspired Baking

So Halloween is less than one week away and I decided I wanted to do some related baking. I made triple chocolate fudge cake with mini smarties on the top. It was made from a ready mix but there were quite a few elements that needed doing including creating the icing at the end.

The ready mix was by Asda and the name of it was ‘Great to Bake Chocolate Cake Kit’. The pack says just add milk, butter and eggs. I highly recommend trying out there range or even just having a Halloween inspired bake off. The smarties came separately, I just thought spelling ‘Boo!’ as the design would be a cool twist to a normal chocolate cake.

They claim it serves 8 but those would be very large pieces, the cake kept going a good few days in a family of four. Naturally I had taken lots of documentary photographs to include in this post so you get an idea of the process as well as the finished result.

Have I inspired you to do some Halloween baking? Do you like chocolate cake too?  :-) xxx

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