Saturday, 24 October 2015

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less Roller Ball

I thought this product review would be perfect for this time of the year as I’ve noticed This Works are really on the ball with their Christmas gift sets and people would benefit from me sharing my thoughts. I bought this product as a gift set back in the January sales, it came in a gorgeous Christmas cracker packaging design. I originally heard about the brand from Lily Pebbles YouTube channel as she thought very highly of the pillow spray.

So onto the review….I’m in love with the idea of this range, helping people to relax and unwind before bed. The 5ml bottle is perfect for travel. The scent is actually quite concentrated and has a menthol aroma. It’s a bit overpowering smelling it from the bottle but dabbing it on the wrists and neck is a lovely way to use the product.

In honesty I don’t know how much this product helped me to get to sleep but I think it’s a nice product to try and I’m in love with the gift sets they have come out with in Boots, I recommend you go over to check them out here. The prices of the sets are reasonable and a great way to try out the range.

So are you tempted by this? What products do you use to unwind? :-) xx