Monday, 22 February 2016

Burt's Bees Nourishing Mango Lip Balm

Today I will be chatting about the Burt’s Bees mango lip balm. My Mum bought me it for me on my last birthday and I have been enjoying using it on and off since then. I have used a few Burt’s Bees products in the past so my Mum knew I liked the brand beforehand. It’s a lovely everyday lip balm and the scent of mango is lovely. The formula is 100% natural and uses vegetarian friendly bees wax and it’s free from parabens. You can buy it on Naturismo for £3.99, click here.

It’s a perfect lip balm now we are coming slowly into spring. During the winter months I have been reaching for something a little more heavy duty, Blistex or Carmex lip balms are ace for this. I would say mango is more of a spring/summer scent too. I find after using this product my lips feel nice and soft and I prefer this lip balm to the Nivea ones which seem to do the same kind of thing. The packaging is bright and eye-catching too. I would recommend this lip balm if you enjoy using Burt’s Bees products or you just like mango. It’s one of those products that’s really handy to chuck in your bag and to apply during the day.

Do you like Burt’s Bees products too? What lip balm have you been reaching for at the moment? :-) xxx