Friday, 12 February 2016

Valentine’s Love Heart Cupcakes

Valentine’s day is nearly upon us and I’ve read lots of interesting related blog posts from other bloggers such as baking, lifestyle, wish lists to gift ideas so I wanted to get into the spirit this week and post some of my own content. So far I have done a gingerbread heart biscuits bake and a review of a Pukka tea variety called ‘Love’. Today’s post I am sharing another bake, I made cupcakes decorated in chocolate, sprinkles and love heart sweets. The recipe was fairly straightforward, I used a basic cupcakes recipe and then decorated accordingly to my Valentine’s theme.

I was pleased with the results, the cupcakes were really delicious and the zingy lemon taste of the sweets gave it a little something extra. If you haven’t yet got your other half a gift or you want to celebrate the day in another way I would really recommend baking cupcakes, biscuits or whatever grabs your mood. I hope my lovely readers have an awesome day!! How do you plan to spend your Valentine’s? :-) X