Friday, 25 March 2016

Chocolate Orange & Mini Egg Simple Easter Dessert

Hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday weekend so far and are looking forward to Easter day. Today’s post is a cooking/baking one, I was browsing my baking books and deciding how to incorporate a recipe around Easter. I spotted a chocolate ice-cream sundae recipe so modified it in my own way, slightly alternating my ingredients and preferences. It’s one of the easiest yet fun and yummy treats I’ve made and they look really Instagramable if you are interested in that! So my basic ingredients were mini eggs, jaffa cakes, tinned mandarin segments, choc ices and chocolate sprinkles but you can use anything you like really. I added a little bit of natural yogurt at the end in some of the desserts for people who wanted that. I tried to cut down on ingredient costs by using a lot of smart price brands, that’s a nice tip for you!

Once you have all your ingredients at hand, cut things like the jaffa cakes into biteable chunks. Now this is the time to get creative, you can use any type of container, I used wine glasses. You can add things in different coloured layers for effect, i.e mandarins and then chocolate biscuits etc. There’s not a great deal to the recipe, so if you are looking for something quick yet effective, this would work wonders. I tested this on my parents and brother who all gave it a thumbs up. They said they liked the chocolate orange taste coming from the mardarins and jaffa cakes. I enjoyed it too, and with adding in fruit it’s not too sweet but the mini eggs add that essential Easter theme.

So I hope you enjoyed this post, what are your plans for Easter weekend? Maybe baking is on the cards? :-) xxx