Sunday, 27 March 2016

Wilko ‘Fruits’ Shower Gels

Today’s post is a bit of a cheap and cheerful one about a beauty and bath brand by Wilko called Fruits. They do a large range of all kinds of bath bits including shower gels, hand washes, bubble bath, soaps etc. all at an incredibly reasonable price. You can pick most things up for under one pound an item and I decided to experiment by buying two shower gels, I choose rhubarb vanilla and passionfruit watermelon. I really felt like I picked up at a bargain at £0.95 per 250ml tube. I think my favourite thing about these shower gels were the scents, the rhubarb and vanilla being my top pick from the two. I wanted something fruity and tangy to put me in a bright mood.

The formula was lovely, and the texture was gel like plus a little went along way. The fragrances were gorgeous and made my shower experience extra pleasant. I really want to try out other things in the Fruits range, all the different scents sound just incredible. Others such as lime and ginger, lemon black pepper, blueberry grape and coconut sound so tempting!! The bright and simple packaging really catches your eye too. The only downer is I’m not overly sure if the products are paraben free but everything else just ticks all the right boxes. I would recommend these shower gels and I can’t wait to try out the rest of the Fruits range. Click here to browse online.

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter day! Have you seen or used Wilko’s Fruits product range? :-) xxx