Sunday, 26 June 2016

Saltburn Farmers Market Photo Diary.

Earlier in the month I visited a farmers market which I really enjoyed so thought I would include some photos from my day to show you what it was like. It was based in Saltburn and the stalls were packed with delicious homemade desserts, fresh fruit and vegetables, baked goods, plants, art work and much more. The sellers were very friendly, chatting to you and giving you samples of things. The atmosphere was lovely. I came away with a hot chocolate dipping spoon and some unusual shortbread. Later I visited a charity shop close to where the market was, I had a wander round and noticed they had a vintage section which was really cool. They had some interesting vintage hats and fashion scarfs. I took some documentary shots of the food stalls at the farmers market and other bits and bobs, hope you enjoy browsing them!

Do you like food/farmers markets? 
What are your favourite kind of places to visit in your free time? :-) xxx