Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Nature’s Ingredients Products by M&S

The brand I’m sharing with you today is called Nature’s Ingredients and is part of the M&S beauty line. I’ve never bought anything by this particular brand but I was intrigued to see how each product performed. All the different fragrances sounded gorgeous, so I picked one of each so I could test this side of things too. I bought the strawberry hand cream, lemon verbena shower scrub and mandarin shower gel. Others that sounded interesting included peach and almond, blueberry as well as mango. The packaging is really eye-catching, I love anything colourful, and it made me feel happy. Also the prices are incredibly reasonable for what you get, items included in this post range from £1-£3. I’m pleased to say the values of the brand are excellent as they are not tested on animals, are BUAV approved, paraben free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The ingredients are better than a lot of mainstream brands too. They do other products in the line, such as body butters, deodorants etc. that I can’t wait to try.

So now onto my thoughts of each individual item…The strawberry hand cream priced at £1 is a light-weight lotion that sinks into the skin quickly, leaving soft hands after use. The scent is lovely and lingers after applying. The 100ml bottle holds a generous amount of product yet the size of the bottle is okay for travelling. The lemon verbena shower scrub has a pleasant, fruity fragrance and a great accompaniment when in the shower. The consistency was liquidy with small beads and I found this was great for gentle exfoliation as well as being moisturising! For 250ml this too seemed like a generous amount, and especially for the price of £3. Lastly the mandarin shower gel, priced at £2.00 for the £250ml seemed good going. Like the others the scent was delicious but fairly subtle. I found after pairing the scrub and shower gel my skin felt invigorated and although the scents weren’t matched my bathroom smelt heavenly after each shower.

Have you heard of this brand before? Which scent out of the three appeals to you most? Shop the brand on M&S here.