Saturday, 2 July 2016

June Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Favourites

I’m excited to share my June favourites, these posts are fun to create, and I love the idea of rounding up all the bits and bobs I have been enjoying. It’s also nice to look back on past months to see what things I have cherished. On a recent trip to Primark I picked up a paisley pattern water cup and this has been really cool to use at home and a reminder to keep hydrated. My family and I went on holiday this month, we bought this Pukka apple and cinnamon herbal tea in a health shop while away. I love the taste, it’s very comforting and one of my new favs from the brand. Another fruit tea I’ve discovered is Charbew’s pineapple and vanilla variety, I thought the taste might be too out there but I absolutely love it and will be doing a review. I completed a book by the author Susan Lewis called ‘Losing You’ and not only is it in my June favs but one of my favs this year. I picked the book up for 25p at a second hand jumble sale, the story is based around two families and one tragedy, one of the most dramatic and emotional books I’ve read to date.

One of my highlights from the month was making a buttercream iced coffee and walnut cake which I shared with family and friends. I used this Sainsbury’s baking book which I highly recommend, there’s a nice variety of recipes included which are easy to follow and delicious. As you may have already noticed there is a bit of a fruity theme this June favourites, I devoured this Faith In Nature shower and foam bath, the pineapple and lime scent is unreal! I’ve been enjoying using this M&S Nature’s Ingredients strawberry hand cream, the scent and packaging is perfect for summer, and a great beauty staple. I was beyond excited to discover a new holy grail skincare product which was the Pure moisture plus day cream by M&S. It’s extremely gentle on my skin, and made from natural ingredients, so stayed tuned for the review.

I have been into Escada perfumes for years, if you haven’t already smelt one of their summer perfumes, do because they are a slice of heaven. I’ve been sprayed this turquoise summer edition generously each day this month. I was recommended a organic brand called Hurraw! for lip balms, they do loads of different scents, I finally bought this lime one and I’ve been loving it so review coming shortly. The Johnsons pampering wipes and Rimmel concealer are repurchases, I have been using these products for ages! I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect highlighter to apply on my cheek bones, this one by Revolution in the shade 'Peach Lights' gives a natural sheen. Last but not least I have been wearing this rose gold watch by next, it has a metal strap and think it looks rather chic. 
Do we share any similar favourites? 
Which of these items do you like the look of? 
Wishing you well for July! :-) xxx