Friday, 29 July 2016

Original Source Shower Gels

Today I’m returning with a rekindle of a brand I’ve been using on and off since my teens. Yes I’m talking about Original Source! Although they seem to bring out new scents out quite frequently these days, I wanted to get back into using their lemon & tea tree as well as the lime fragrances. I believe these two were the first of many that they brought out, and to this day they are my favourite. Both have a very happy and uplifting aroma when used in the shower and the scent lingers around for a good while. They are quite moisturising and I like the gel kind of formula. It mentions on the packaging that they use 100% natural fragrance, are vegan and cruelty-free plus the packaging is 100% recycled. And they are so affordable; priced around £1 for each 250ml tube. I tend to purchase them on the Superdrug website, they often do offers and provide a large selection of their products. Superdrug offer free delivery to beauty card holders too. Shop here.

Do you like Original Source too? Which scents do you favour? :-) xxx