Thursday, 21 July 2016

Birthday Present Haul 2016

So my birthday was last week, and I got some lovely presents and had a birthday cake with my family. My Mum and I agreed I would get a budget to buy myself specific ‘blogger’ related bits and pieces as well as have a few surprises. As you may notice there is a summer theme throughout my gifts, including some fruity themed surprises my Mum bought me such as PJs, socks, knickers and an ice-cream puzzle. Carrying on with the fruity/summer theme I got two new herbal teas to try (and review!). Something I’ve been more into this year is natural beauty, so I got a few makeup, bath, and home related items. Since about January I’ve been more interested in reading, and following people on Booktube/Goodreads and because of this I got a few books which sounded fun to read and are highly praised in that community.

I got a few miscellaneous items with a meaning behind them, for example I’ve been developing my gardening skills so my Dad bought me some flower seeds and a vase to put flower clippings in. I have already planted the seeds and have a few random but pretty lilac flowers in the vase. My Mum and I are into arts and crafts, I make handmade cards but she thought I could get into knitting with this beginners guide book. I think I might enjoy it too if I get the hang of it, as it seems quite therapeutic. And lastly what’s a birthday without a box of chocs? I’ve been putting them in the fridge with the hot weather, Thornton’s do the best chocolates! I really appreciate the thought gone into my presents from my family, and I think I will get enjoyment from them in weeks to come! :-)

Has it been your birthday recently? Or did you get some gift or shopping inspiration from this post? Hope you are having a lovely day so far. xxx