Saturday, 30 July 2016

Charbrew Pineapple & Vanilla Tea

Today I wanted to share with you my favourite drink of the summer so far. I’ve been having this Charbrew pineapple and vanilla tea hot but I imagine you could easily have it iced, something I would love to try on another day. I wasn’t expecting to like the taste as much as I did, but pineapple and vanilla make an awesome combination. Both fruits are apparent in the flavour and smell. This drink just screams summer, and I’ve already been trying the strawberry and kiwi variety just recently. This is my first Charbrew purchase, but I’m sure many more are to come. I have the chocolate orange edition on my shopping list which would be more appropriate as the seasons change. The brand offers naturally caffeine-free teas, and all tea bags are biodegradable pyramids. The packaging is super pretty, I love the bright colours and they would make perfect gifts/party favours. I’ve found Holland&Barrett are the best stockists to my knowledge, and for a pack of 15 tea portions, you pay £3.49. Click here to view the range.

What is your favourite summer beverage? Have you tried anything by Charbrew? :-) xxx