Monday, 22 August 2016

I Won A Book on Goodreads Giveaways!

I was so excited to win my first book on the Goodreads giveaways. I’ve just recently got more into the book community online and was delighted to have been sent ‘The Ice-Cream Makers’ by the author Ernest Van der Kwast. It sounds like the perfect summer read and the preface seemed quite intriguing. I really want to get my reading groove back, over the summer I’ve been quite prolific in my reading but seem to have slowed down. I’m currently reading a Sarra Manning novel and gradually getting back into the swing on things. I have a little pile of books accumulated from my birthday along with a few others such as this one. So I will leave you with a little info about this book. P.S. isn’t the front cover so dreamy? I love the pastels.

“A dazzling novel about an Italian ice-cream dynasty, tradition, ambition, and the sensation of lemon sorbet melting on your tongue. In the far north of Italy lies the valley of the ice-cream makers: about a dozen villages where, for generations, people have specialised in making ice cream. Giuseppe Talamini claims it was actually invented here. Every spring his family sets off for the ice-cream parlour in Rotterdam, returning to the mountains only in winter. Eldest son Giovanni Talamini decides to break with this tradition by pursuing a literary career. But then one day his younger brother Luca approaches him with a highly unusual request. Now Giovanni faces a dilemma: serve the family's interests one last time or choose his own path in life, once and for all.”

How is your summer reading going? Do you have any book recommendations? :-) xxx