Sunday, 4 September 2016

Charbrew Strawberry & Kiwi Tea

Today I’m back with a one of my final summertime themed posts. I wanted to share with you a tea I’ve been trying which is the Charbrew strawberry and kiwi variety. I previously posted here about the Charbrew pineapple & vanilla tea which was absolutely delicious and my most favoured drink of the summer. I must say the strawberry and kiwi was not as tasty. I could easily guess the fruits through tasting, the strawberry was lovely and sweet but the kiwi was sharper. The taste was above average but it just didn’t amaze me or anything.

Here is some words from the brand: “This blend has been inspired by the summer months a very refreshing and extremely thirst quenching blend. The unique, tangy flavour of kiwi and the sweet taste of ripe red strawberries can be enjoyed hot or Iced!” It can be purchased for £3.49 on Holland & Barrett here. I would recommend the brand more so than this particular product. I ordered some more tea for the autumnal months including the Charbrew chocolate orange tea which I have big hopes for.

Let me know what teas you have currently been trying or are lusting after in the shops? :-) xxx