Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Products

Hi all :-) Hope you are all well and are having a nice day. I’m back with a review of two products by Zoella, these include the double créme body lotion and the sugar dip scented bath salt granules. I have high praise for both of these so let’s get straight into it…..

Zoella Double Créme Body Lotion

Wow the scent of this is dreamy and reminds me strongly of macaroons or something sugary sweet. I just adore it and it’s very moreish, I like going back to smell it! The packaging is gorgeous, girly and a little shabby chic. I’m sure it would look wonderful on any dressing table. The product contains 160ml of product which seems generous for £5.00. I was seriously impressed with the quality of the body lotion. Its rich, very moisturising, sinks in quickly and I found my skin was left firm and in great condition after use. It is labelled not tested on animals but I don’t know any further in respect to this. I adore this product and would recommend it! 5/5!!

Zoella Sugar Dip Scented Bath Salt Granules

Another hit from Zoella’s sweet inspirations line! The pretty packaging makes this product very gift friendly. Even the bag inside was super cute. The gold detailing and pretty pink design is beautiful. I was surprised by the high quality of this item, it felt like a luxurious product to use. The bath salts smell stunning and look very pretty as they are scattered into a hot bath. The scent lingers while in the bath and onwards. A generous amount is included in the bag so £6.00 seems reasonable. Labelled not tested on animals again. A great transitional product as we get into autumn and want to take more relaxing baths. 5/5!!

So I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on these two items. As mentioned in a previous post I won these in Brigitte Hayley’s YouTube channel giveaway and was so grateful to her for sending me these. Shop the range here.

Have you tried any of the Zoella beauty product range? Do you like sweet inspirations or are you looking forward to checking out her new Christmas line? :-) Xx