Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My Wensleydale Holl Souvenirs and Related Thoughts.

Last week my family and I enjoyed a campervan trip to Wensleydale staying for five nights in different places around that region. I had never been to Wensleydale before to my knowledge and area was so scenic. I bought some things from the trip including books and chocolate. Today’s post I will be chit-chatting about this giving prefaces into the books and a short review of some gorgeous chocolate I found.


My Mum and I popped into a charming little second-hand book shop. They were trialling an alternative way of selling recycled books in good condition. I paid £2.00 and £2.50 for two books and they were charging 50p entry, which can be taken off the price of books bought. I don’t normally pay so much for used books but the book shop was really quaint and the selection was pretty good too so I felt I was paying for the experience. My Dad and brother were waiting back at the van so my Mum and I didn’t have as long as I would have liked. I did pick up two books so let me tell you a little bit about each.

I spotted ‘Behind Closed Doors’ by Susan Lewis and immediately picked it up as I’ve read one of her other books this year and loved it so much. She writes detective/mysteries. A fourteen year old girl goes missing one night, and although it looks like she’s run away from home, a police investigation unfolds. I love the cover of this with the autumnal colours, and can’t wait to get stuck in. I bought ‘Maybe This Christmas’ by Sarah Morgan for when the winter nights get longer, I’ve been enjoying Christmas themed genre books for a while now. It’s appears to be classic chick-lit located on a ski-resort over Christmas centred on family ties and there’s a promise of a little romance.


I went into a few little gift shops with my Mum and the Rhubarb & Roses Greengrocers was one of my favs we visited. They had a range of posh chocolates and healthy snacks. Coco Chocolatier, an organic and vegan chocolate brand caught my eye. They had a large choice of lovely flavours but I picked up earl grey tea & bergamot. The different designs on the packaging were stunning, this particular one with the floral artwork is so pretty. After tasting it, I was pleasantly pleased with the unusual taste, and the chocolate was very luxurious to eat. The price for this was £3.99, a little steep but a special holiday treat. The chocolate lolly was a gift for a friend.

I hope you enjoyed this chatty post! Which item was your fav? :-) Xx