Friday, 18 November 2016

Borlind Natural Lipstick In Celebrity Red

I’m so excited to be sharing this product with you, it’s probably my favourite product I discovered in 2016 and that is the Anne Marie Borlind lipstick in celebrity red. I actually received it for my birthday back in July, but because of the autumnal colour, I’ve only just started using it. When selecting this product, I wanted the perfect matte red lipstick. In the swatch photo it comes across more pink toned but like the name suggests it’s a classic red. It says it’s a matte formula which it is, but it’s much more moisturising and wearable than others I’ve tried. I actually prefer it to some of my Mac lipsticks which feel more apparent on the lips.

I love the name celebrity red, and it’s the kind of colour you could see celebrities wearing on the red carpet. When I apply it to my lips its feels like a very special product, I think the colour would suit a variety of skin tones, even paler skin such as mine. Originally I was going to get the iconic Mac Ruby Woo lipstick instead but this wasn’t natural. I’m so glad I choose a Borlind product instead as its natural, carmine, paraben, and sulphate free, not tested on animals and cruelty free. At £13.95 it’s around the same price point as a Mac lipstick, but if you want to treat yourself, I highly recommend it! This would make an awesome Christmas gift for a special female in your life too. You can buy it on where there are a lot of positive reviews of it which may be worth a read too. They also offer free delivery, check out the product here.

Do you like red lipsticks too? What lipstick brands do you favour? :-) Xxx