Friday, 11 November 2016

My Thoughts on Two Chocolate Tea Brands

Yogi Tea Organic Choco

This was my favourite variety of the two I tried and very appropriate for this time of year because of the spices blended into the flavour. It’s lovely with a splash of milk, and the cinnamon is very prominent. The only thing I would say was that it took a while to brew, only a small amount of milk is appropriate otherwise it’s not very appetising. It’s rather a strange concept to have cocoa in tea and I found it hard to get my head around at first but it’s a healthier alternative to hot chocolate. If you are after experimenting with chocolate tea, this one would be good to start with. I was recommended the mint choco one, which sounds tempting too! Priced at £2.35 on Holland & Barrett, buy here.

Charbrew Tea Chocolate Orange

I love Charbrew as a brand and over the summer I enjoyed their pineapple and vanilla tea which was gorgeous. This chocolate orange flavour was rather odd unfortunately. The taste was too unusual and like nothing I have ever tried. It says on the box it is meant to be paired with hot water not milk so this made it more of a herbal/fruit type tea. It’s possible it would taste better with milk, but there was no mention of this. There weren’t as many spices as the Yogi tea and although the orange came through, it wasn’t great. Priced £3.49 on Holland & Barrett, buy here.

Are you a chocoholic? Have you ever tried chocolate tea and what did you think? 
Are there any other chocolate brands I haven’t tried? :-) Xx