Sunday, 27 August 2017

A New Goodreads Book Win: The Invitation by Lucy Foley

I go on Goodreads most days to update my bookish status and to share reads with other fellow book worms. This will be my sixth book win on Goodreads over the course of two years which seems very lucky. I was originally drawn to The Invitation by Lucy Foley because of the stunning cover, it has an art deco feel to it. The premise interested me too, it’s a historical fiction, based in Rome 1953. Hal, a journalist and Stella a glamorous character married to another man, meet and the story starts from there. Hal, by chance is invited to a fabulous party where he meets an important professional contact and he is offered a career opportunity. And so a large array of characters are set to embark on a trip on an incredible yacht along the Italian Riviera to the Cannes film festival. I just recently finished reading this novel, I won’t reveal any spoilers just yet, but let me know if this book has been added to your to be read pile!

Let me know what you’ve been reading lately. 
Have you got any reads lined up for the beginning of autumn? :-) xx

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