Saturday, 1 June 2013

In Style June Nails Inc Freebie (In Totes Pink)

I think I bought InStyle magazine the same time last year and the freebie was the nail Inc’s nail polishes in different colours.

I managed to get hold of ‘Totes Pink’ this year which I adore. It’s a sweet pale pink colour and perfect for spring/summer.

I’m quite fair skinned and I found the pink colour to be really flattering and lovely to wear. 

I found the formula to be quite thick which is great because only one coat is needed but a little trickier to even on the nails. This nail polish is semi gloss.

I don’t think I will not be buying it full price because as stated it’s not too easy to apply. Despite this I’ve been enjoying wearing this shade of nail polish and hope they InStyle will be doing similar offers in the future!

Have you picked up the latest InStyle Freebie? If not it’s worth popping into your local newsagents or WHSmiths.