Friday, 7 June 2013

Vintage Fairs/Thrifting/Charity Shopping Top Tips

I’ve been going to Vintage Fairs for a number of years. Theres one which is located in my next village that I go to and its very good. Its well organised and there are a lot of great stalls to choose from.

Incase you were wondering all the photos included are mine taken at the vintage fairs I’ve been too. I hope you gain some inspiration from the photos and I’ve decided to include my 10 top tips for visiting fairs/thrifting and charity shops.

1.) Treat it as a day out. Shopping can be really fun; you can try on new outfits and get new ideas. It’s not always about what items you come home with but instead the experience of the event.

2.) Invite along friends. This way you can get an opinion on an outfit or a purchase you’re not sure about. Make sure you pick the right friends to go with, someone who doesn’t mind waiting around in changing rooms and is up for a laugh too!

3.) You don’t need to spend loads of money. If you take £10 to spend you can still come home away with lots of nice things. Be patient and keep an eye open for bargains.

4.) Be open to trying new things. Maybe you spot a dress that you wouldn’t normally wear, if its reasonably priced why not give it a go. It’s always worth experimenting.

5.) Save money for bus/train fair and refreshments. Often at fairs they sell homemade cakes and tea for a reduced price.

6.) Don’t just think about fashion maybe take the time to look at homeware, books etc. When items are second-hand there a lot cheaper and often you can pick up some lovely vintage pieces.

7.) Chat to people who are looking after the stall/shop. This is a great way to meet people and they may give you tips or give you a better deal on items your interested in.

8.) If your looking at clothes, be open minded to buying slightly bigger or smaller sizes. Often this can change the look of an item for the better. A baggy dress might look lovely more fitted or a fitted dress might look pretty more loose.

9.) Look out for gifts. Sometimes you may find brand new items that haven’t been used or beautiful vintage pieces your loved ones may enjoy.

10.) When you become more confident with thrifting and visiting fairs maybe you could have your own stall. If you are familiar with a particular event, you may like to participate. Its a great way to sell on things you don’t need any more.

Do you like thrifting? Are there interesting markets or fairs that you’ve been to? Did you get any ideas?