Saturday, 12 December 2015

Winter Bread & Butter Pudding with Mixed Spice.

Today’s post is a baking related, I feel like I haven’t shared one of these for a little while and I love reading these type of posts myself. I made bread and butter pudding recently. I used a Sainsbury’s recipe book which is out of date now but I found a very similar recipe online here. Bread and butter pudding is probably one of the easiest baking recipes out there. The core ingredients include bread, an eggy mix and any extras you wish to include. I chose to add honey, mixed spice, cherries and walnuts which makes it comforting for winter time.

You may wish to add other things such as jam, sultanas, chocolate chips…. The list goes on. It’s very adaptable so you can add any extras you want. One thing I will say is I put the bake in the oven for about 20min and it was done so although some might suggest longer I would advise to keep checking while cooking. The finished result was super tasty and because I used wholemeal bread it was also much healthier. It’s a perfect treat to tuck into with the weather we have be having!

So do you like bread and butter pudding? What extra ingredients would you add? Xxx

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