Sunday, 17 January 2016

Holland & Barrett Natural Beauty Haul

I feel like I haven’t done a beauty blog post in so long with having so many lifestyle posts in the lead up to Christmas so now finally I have got round to this natural beauty haul. I got into natural/organic beauty products after visiting and revisiting a health shop on holiday. I slowly started collecting related products and realised I really enjoyed using them. I think you can expect better quality ingredients and for that reason I trust associated brands more with my slightly sensitive skin. I don’t like using skincare with lots of chemicals either.

I began just buying things from the health shop I mentioned but I think this is the first time I’ve gone and ordered natural/organic products online. I’m really looking forward to trying them out and then hopefully reviewing them. In fact I’ve tried one or two things already but I will give you my thoughts on these with review posts coming later.

I saw the Weleda gift set in a Christmas gift guide on blog and thought it would be a perfect way to try out three individual products and if I like them I can buy them full size. The shampoo I bought is organic and does not have any nasty chemicals such as parabens, I’m hoping it will balance my hair like the name suggests. I loved the sound of a soothing body scrub so had to add the Urban Veda one to my shopping basket. And finally the Purity facial wash, I have my fingers crossed for this product that it works well with my skin and I’ve been after a nice gentle face wash for a while.

I ordered these at Holland & Barrett when they had a special offer on, I would look out for those but have included the original prices in the description.

What are your favourite natural/organic products? Did you enjoy this haul post? :-) Xx

Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Shampoo £7.99 (buy here)

Urban Veda Soothing Body Scrub £8.99 (buy here)

Purity Facial Wash £5.29 (buy here)

Weleda Mini Almond Trio £8.50
(Gentle Cleansing Milk 10ml, Almond Facial Cream 7ml, 
Almond Sensitive Skin Body Lotion 20ml) (Unavailable, try eBay?)

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