Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Fashion Colouring Book for Adults

I received this gorgeous colouring book for Christmas last year and have slowly been colouring away at the different fashion illustrations. I’ve noticed in the past year colouring books for adults have become a big thing and especially popular in the blogging community. For those of you who are unsure of what an adult colouring book is, basically it’s where adults can enjoy colouring in often more detailed illustrations for fun. It has been said it can be good for mental health and in my experience this kind of thing is really therapeutic. This particular book has a catwalk theme which I love. The illustrations are of a high quality and are just the kind of thing I would like to colour in. I have been using coloured pencils but I know felt tip thin liners would work equally well. There are different brands of colouring books out there, this one is more budget friendly but the Millie Marotta ones look incredible too. Buy the featured colouring book here or one I recommend by Marotta here.

Have you jumped onto the adult colouring book craze? Did you find this post helpful/interesting? :-) xxx