Saturday, 28 May 2016

Summer Inspired Pineapple & Lime Beauty/lifestyle Haul.

Hoping that this summer is going to be fabulous weather wise, I incorporated three products into a haul to inspire that summer feeling. I love anything that smells fruity, and the scents included are some of my favourites. I also wanted to switch up what items are in my stash, I’d been running low on shower gel, lip balm and a new herbal tea. I bought these items from Naturisimo and Holland & Barrett. I’ve been getting into natural products, and the quality of these often are amazing. The first item I ordered was the organic and natural Hurraw! lip balm in lime. My blogger friend Emma, over at recommended this brand. I’ve not yet tried the product but I have high hopes and can’t wait to start using it.

Next I bought a Faith In Nature shower gel and bubble bath which is also organic and natural. I have actually started using it, and the pineapple and lime fragrance is gorgeous and such a nice product in general. Lastly I picked up this Charbrew pineapple and vanilla tea, and although I don’t know a lot about this brand for drinks, it really appealed to me. I think this tea range was new but have seen their iced tea selection before. It was a bit of an impulse buy but I’m really curious to what it’s going to be like and the packaging is pretty too!

What scents appeal to you for the summer months? Do you have any recommendations? Hope you are having a nice bank holl weekend so far!! :-) xxx 

Hurraw! Lime Lip Balm £3.99 (BUY HERE)

Holland & Barrett
Faith in Nature Pineapple & Lime Shower Gel & Foam Bath 400ml £5.49 (On sale at the time) (BUY HERE)
Charbrew Pineapple & Vanilla Tea £3.49 (BUY HERE)