Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Higher Living English Earl Grey Tea

Last summer I tried a new tea brand for the first time called Hiving Living and picked the super fruits variety, review here. Although I discovered the super fruits flavour was a bit sharp for my liking there were other flavours I really wanted to try such as Sweet Dreams and this one English Earl Grey. Although it’s quite a common kind of tea, until now I had never experimented with it before. The taste was lovely, and quite unusual but the floral quality really grew on me. Just like perfumes, I find the scents/tastes of teas remind me of memories. I’m sat sipping on the last teabag on this tea, and it takes me back to September last year when I started drinking it.

It explains on the packaging, this tea works well with a splash of milk or iced with a slice of lemon. I found with milk, it was a lovely drink to have on an afternoon. It’s a nice compromise between herbal and regular tea I think and might even repurchase it sometime. It’s a little pricey at £4.99 so quite an indulgent treat, and even great for gifting. Happily it’s an organic brand plus the packaging is pretty especially the illustrations. Overall I found it very luxurious, and I want to carry on working my way through the range. Buy online here.

Have you ever tried English Earl Grey and was it your thing? 
Do Hiving Living teas interest you? :-) Xx