Saturday, 21 January 2017

My 2017 Personal Goals

Hope you are having a nice weekend/day so far. I wrote these goals at the beginning of the year and realised I hadn’t yet blogged them. These are ideas for myself for 2017, and I’ll be happy to complete even just some of them. I have a totally mixed batch of themes such as blogging, personal, philosophical etc. I’ve already started achieving a few such as wearing up fashion pieces I already own, making more family lunches and investing time into reading/Goodreads. So here we go…

Remember forgotten items already in my wardrobe and wear them up.
Research more into affordable cruelty-free beauty, and find some products from this I love.
Buy gifts in advance throughout the year for birthdays/Christmas to get good deals and leave
     more time for later.
Enjoy being in the garden and make it look neat.
Invest time into reading other blogs, and make new connections online.
Be consistently more active of Goodreads and talk/learn about books.
Keep the interaction up with friends and make time for them.
Get into listening and reviewing current music, make it a new hobby.
Develop card making business, and make lots of sales in 2017.
Be more open to new things, in small manageable steps.
Explore local places and find interesting places to visit.
Explore new photography genres such as street, product and portraits.
Experiment with new achievable baking recipes.
Offer to make more family lunches including salads and sandwiches.
Smile often and appreciate the good things in life.
Focus on positive changes and less on things out of my control.
Introduce more budget-friendly blog posts on my blog.
Develop new and different content on my blog.
Listen and learn from others.
Continue to read books regularly throughout the year and discover some amazing reads in 2017.
Make enough sets on Polyvore to become a ‘Style Icon’

Do we have any similar goals? Have I sparked a few new ideas for you? 
Please let me know if you have done a similar blog post, I would love to see! :-) Xx

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