Wednesday, 25 January 2017

January Sales Shopping Haul

I got some lovely things in the sales this year, so I thought I would share them on my blog. I bought the Whittard hot chocolate set in December actually, as they were doing sales remarkably early. I find it frustrating that their postage is so pricey, so don’t buy from them too often. I’ve actually had this gift set before a while back, it was as lovely as I remembered it. The packaging is stunning and the selection of hot chocolate flavours is really good. There’s mint, chocolate orange, caramel flavour etc. Whittard hot chocolate is out of this world, if you haven’t already tried it, I recommend you do.

I bought two pairs of winter boots from Store Twenty One in my local town. This was about the second week in January and I was surprised to find there was still loads of bargains to be had. I felt both pairs of boots looked more expensive than I paid, and the styles seem really versatile and easy to wear. I’m so pleased I finally have them as I was searching for something similar since autumn. The shop I got them from isn’t as heard of as much in comparison to other highstreet shops but I’ve bought some lovely things from them in the past.

How did you find the Jan sales this year? What shops were the best for you? :-) Xx

Store Twenty One
Brown riding style boots £35 down to £20 (Buy here)
Grey buckle biker style boots £35 down to £20 (Buy here)

Hot chocolate selection box (Price approx. £14)

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