Saturday, 4 February 2017

ASDA The Skin System Sensitive Cleansing Face Wipes

Today I’m back with a short review of these face wipes a family member gifted me from the supermarket when I had ran out. You can buy them at Asda for £0.75 which is a very reasonable price considering other options out there. They are formulated for sensitive skin and I found them to be very soothing and gentle on my own sensitive prone skin. I have now gone through the whole pack, and I’m pleased to say they never broke me out once and my make-up was removed effectively after each use. The towel wipes were so soft and I enjoyed trying a fragrance free formula.

My bugbear is they don’t offer any advice on the packaging about being cruelty-free. The label mentions they are dermatologically tested and there is a lot of vagueness around this term, and its meaning seeming different depending on the brand. So despite being paraben free I won’t be repurchasing for this reason. I think for someone on a budget, these would be okay. The whole brand by Asda is extremely affordable, and they sell things like cotton wool pads, and a selection of other skincare items. There are lots of better cruelty-free options out there though, my previous go-to wipes include the Pacifica purify coconut water cleansing wipes and Superdrug do some similar options.

Do you have any face wipe recommendations? 
Let me know what wipes/cleanser you use in the comments! 
Please share any tips too. :-) Xx