Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Superdrug Extracts Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

Today’s post I wanted to review two Superdrug’s own brand products, their Extracts coconut and sweet almond shampoo as well as conditioner. I’m taking a steady journey towards buying cruelty-free products, and luckily all of Superdrug’s own brand products with the star logo on are cruelty-free. I was attracted to this brand because of this as well as it being so affordable. I can see myself trying other products, I think I’ll do it a bit at a time, working through their range. They have a selection of different scents in this shampoo and conditioner brand with different purposes. This one was for dry and damaged hair which appealed to me. I did find that actually the shampoo was a little drying which was a little odd, and I tend to compensate for this by using extra conditioner.

My hair feels squeaky clean after use, leaving coconut and sweet almond lingering in my hair. The scent is amazing, and although I don’t tend to go for coconut regularly, it’s extra pretty with a twist of sweet almond. Each product is originally priced at £2.29 but they often have offers and I got them for cheaper. The bottles are 400ml each so I feel its superb value. Despite finding the shampoo a little drying on my hair, there were lots of positives. I can see myself buying other scents such as the aloe vera and mango for normal hair. The Superdrug hydrate and shine shampoo with coconut water is another similar product, a little pricey but interested me too. Shop range here.

Do you ever shop with Superdrug’s own brand? 
What has been your go-to haircare product at the moment? :-) Xx

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