Sunday, 5 February 2017

Valentine’s Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I wanted to share with you these chocolate marshmallow cookies, which I recently made. I got the recipe from The Hungry Student Easy Baking book by Charlotte Pike. So far I’ve been really enjoying baking from it, and love the easy (and tasty!) recipes. Click here to buy/view the book. I haven’t made chocolate cookies in a while, I added cocoa for this and included some left over marshmallows from Christmas. I used the mini kind, and felt maybe the bigger ones would have worked better as they melt less fast in the oven. But the idea from the recipe is that you add the marshmallows to the baking mix before it goes in the oven, that way the cookies are gooey when they come out. The end result is heavenly, they were the perfect mix of chewy and soft in the middle.

Using pink marshmallows would be perfect for Valentine’s if you have them. You can adapt the recipe other ways too, maybe adding mini sugar hearts or sprinkles to the mix would work nicely. And if you are photographing a similar bake, dusting icing sugar adds to the finished look. Cookies are super easy to make, and most recipes for them are quick and simple to follow. In my opinion you can get into the spirit even if you are single and baking is one of my favourite past times. Either way you are left with some yummy snacks for you, your other half or even family members.

Let me know if you will be baking this Valentine’s Day, I would love to hear about it! 
Hope you have a good one and speak soon. :-) Xx