Monday, 13 February 2017

Homemade Valentine’s Shortbread Hearts

So its Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and I’ve been having fun with this as a theme for my baking. Last week I made chocolate marshmallow cookies and at the weekend I made shortbread hearts. I used a heart shaped cookie cutter I received in my Sanctuary beauty advent calendar and its really good quality with just the perfect heart shape. Along with cookies, I’ve found shortbread is one of the easiest and quickest baking recipes out there. I would say the trickiest part is making each biscuit have an even thickness when cutting the shape from the dough. The recipe I was following advised a 1cm thickness, and this seemed to work well. I used The Hungry Student Easy Baking book by Charlotte Pike again, I can see myself doing many more recipes from here!

My family and I have already had the taste test of these shortbread, and they tasted lovely. Like the last bake I shared, there are many ways to adapt the recipe. If you are feeling ambitious, you could decorate the shortbread, maybe half dip them in chocolate, or dust/decorate with icing sugar. I left them as they were, as I wanted the neat heart shape to stand out. I could see the recipe being great to bag up and give away as a gift too. There are just so many options! Let me know if you have or will be doing baking, you can even share a blog link and I’ll take a look, hope you have a super Valentine’s Day! :-) Xx