Saturday, 16 December 2017

Christmas Gift Wrapping Haul

I wanted to do something a little bit different this year for my Christmas gift wrap theme. I seem to have a theme of some sort every year and just never get around to blogging it. For years and years I would keenly get all my gift wrap and accessories from Paperchase, and although I may go back to them one day, I wanted to get some bits more affordable and experiment with shopping elsewhere.

I like browsing blogs and YouTubers for gift wrap inspiration, and on occasions Pinterest. I’ve always loved bright colours, but different and vibrant Christmas gift wrap can either be too expensive or too hard to hunt down. I began my buying earlier in the year actually, my thoughts were that I would buy mainly general use gift wrap and make it Christmassy with accessories.

Primark have been sooo on point with their selection lately. I’m completely obsessed with my holographic and iridescent picks. The quality is fab too! Marble has been in fashion a lot recently, this Primark wrap is great value and I might use it throughout the coming year as there’s loads left.

Overall my theme seems to be brights, metallics, holographic and iridescent. What’s your gift wrap colour palette/style this year? Where do you shop? Xx

Where I shopped: 
Primark, Morrison’s, Wilko and a gift shop on holiday

What I bought:
Marble gift wrap, iridescent gift wrap, orange holographic gift wrap all from Primark. Neon Pink gift wrap from Morrison’s. Gold and white stripe gift wrap from a gift shop. Copper gift wrap, a selection of silver and iridescent bows and ribbon from Wilko.

I can’t remember all the prices sadly, but they range from about £1.00-£2.00 for each item.

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