Saturday, 30 December 2017

My Christmas Presents 2017

Hi again – I’m back with another festive post and I wanted to share the presents I received on Christmas day. My Mum and Dad kindly surprised me with a two piece reindeer loungewear set, this was my main present and possibly my favourite. Another main present was a hot chocolate set from Wilko which has some really tasty flavours that I can’t wait to try. I seem to have acquired lots of lovely foodie items which are partly from my brother, I was so thankful for the thought he put into those and it will be nice to review them sometime. I’m super excited to try the different fruit teas I was gifted in particular as well as the Malteasers chocolate spread and organic chocolate.

There also seems to be a continuation of colour, I noticed afterwards, everything is very aqua and pink. I had a mixture of surprises as well as things I knew I was getting and which I picked up throughout the year a bit at a time. I had a bit of a stocking filler/bargain theme this year, as I love having lots of little bits on Christmas morning. I visited places like Primark for my marble make-up bag, hoody, hat and cosy socks. I chose some stationery and books from the Poundshops. My pink scarf, which I think will see me through to spring was found in Shoe Zone.

I also enjoyed giving gifts to loved ones, and I was so glad to see I made some good choices, and that my family were pleased with the bits I got them. Thank you to my family again for making it special. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas too, please let me know if you have done a similar post of your own, and I’ll try and pop by. 

I think my Christmas highlight was to spend valuable time with family, 
let me know what your Christmas highlight was! :-)

Lots of love, Helen Xx