Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Body Shop Bath Products (3 for 2)

I’ve wanted to blog these products for a while; it’s been really fun testing the products I bought with the 3 for 2 at The Body Shop. I bought 3 minis so I could see whether I liked them and then maybe later buy the same product in a full size version.

Body butter in coconut 50ml £5.00

I’m roughly half way through this body butter. All of these types of body butters are available in the 50ml size, so great to try if there are any other scents you want to test out. Scents include mango, satsuma, cocoa butter etc, the list goes on!

I’ve heard lots of positive reviews on the coconut edition but in my opinion the scent was ok/good. The consistency is lovely and rich, and sinks into the skin fairly quickly too.

After using the product for a couple of days, my skin felt so much softer and lovely. This made me want to try other scents because in conclusion I don’t think I’m really a coconut fan.

Lip butter in mango 10ml £4.00

I was eager to try this product out, because I love anything mango, and also wanted to experiment with a couple of new lip balms.

After picking this item up in The Body Shop, I have been using this product on and off for a couple of weeks. I found my lips to be quite a lot softer after use, and I heart the mango scent – yummy!

The product is quite thick in consistency so I either tend to leave it on overnight or use a much smaller amount on the lips as a lip balm. My tip if you are buying this item is to use sparingly, because it’s a little oily.

Rain forest moisture shampoo 60ml £2.00 (or free with 3 for 2)

As the bottle suggests, this shampoo is suited to dry or damaged hair. After use my hair was shiny and nourished, but after a day my hair would need another wash. The formula was rich and oily and the scent was quite strong. My hair isn’t that thick and, I find sometimes find like with this shampoo that my hair becomes greasy quite quickly.

I bought this shampoo in hope my hair would become really shiny, which it did. But if your hair is fine like mine and you have this shampoo, I would suggest alternating between another shampoo as this worked better for me. I’m glad I tried this product, but would only really recommend it to others if they had dry/damaged hair.