Thursday, 29 March 2012

Miss Selfridge Online Haul

I did some online shopping at Miss Selfridge this month and got some great key pieces for my wardrobe. I hadn’t done much clothes shopping for a while, I don’t think I’d seen anything in the shops or online that caught my eye.

The day before, I was just browsing the Miss Selfridge website and the first thing that caught my eye were these beautiful green shorts. I don’t tend to buy just one item, I like to buy in groups to cut down the cost of postage and packaging. Therefore I picked out a couple of other items which I thought would work well with the shorts.
As follows this is a review of each item I bought...

Green longer length shorts £35

As discussed, this was the first item that caught my eye on the website. The vintage green is colour of these shorts is lovely, however I would say the cut and style of the short is more modern. 

I would class them as high-waisted city shorts, they are very unusual and I think the style makes them look like a designer piece. They worked well with grey/taupe tights. Click here to buy.

Ochre longer length shorts £35

These were just a back-up if the green shorts didn’t look right on. I loved the mustard yellow colour, its bright and fun. 

I tried on the shorts with a number of different tops, including the ones I had bought. They all seemed to look lovely with the shorts so decided I would keep them as well as the green ones.
Click here to buy.

Aqua floral print shell top £35

I loved the pattern on this top, as soon as I had seen it; I thought it would work wonderfully with the green shorts. 

I don’t think I would really wear the top with jeans, as it’s quite a short top. However I can wear it with both pairs of shorts as they are fairly high waisted and therefore not really making it an issue. Click here to buy.

Bright sketchy floral shell top £35

This top is quite similar to the other except with a slightly different pattern and colour. Again worked well with both shorts.
Click here to buy.

White tie front shirt £32.00

I’ve wanted a white loose fitting short for ages, this one is beautiful. I was surprised to find it looked lovely worn with the shorts. I’m really pleased with this purchase because it’s such a versatile piece of clothing.
Click here to buy.


 P.s. the two pairs of shorts are now on sale (hurry to buy!)