Sunday, 4 March 2012

Body Spray Reviews

Soap and glory glam a lot 100ml (£3.50)

I originally bought this in a set named Soap & Glory scent sationalism which can be bought on the website for £8.50. The set includes two body mists and a moisturising mist which I would highly recommend.

Out of the two scents in the body mist range, this is my favourite. It has a vanilla, pretty fragrance which I adore. The Soap and Glory packaging is very trendy and perfect to give as a gift to a teenage girl.

I found the fragrance quite strong and lasted a long time on the skin. The body spray formula was quite moisturising and nice and cooling for hot days. The 100ml has lasted me a long time. It’s nice to wear for everyday purposes and I favour using it when I’ve just got out of the bath or shower.

Soap and glory mist you madly 100ml (£3.50)

This scent is quite floral and sweet smelling. It’s a little too strong for my taste but because it’s quite summery so using in moderation in the summer might appeal to some. I do like the packaging, and the spray on cap, makes it easy to apply evenly.

It comes in a pink bottle unlike glam-a-lot by Soap and Glory which has a lilac coloured bottle.  If you have a younger female relative or friend, this product might suit them well. I personally find this item too teenager targeted for me.

Purple edition Ted Baker Fragranced body spray 150ml

I originally bought this body spray in a full size Ted Baker hamper after Christmas one year in the sale. I highly recommend this product, the 150ml bottle feels just right, and is perfect if you want to try a new product.

I believe they have discontinued the packaging, but the ted baker fragrances are still similar. If you are after the old packaging (which I much prefer) try looking on places like eBay.

The fragrance is sweet and fruity, and in my opinion can appeal to a variety of people. I find the push action spray easy to use, and is nice to use alongside other Ted Baker items such as body cream and shower gel.

Pink edition Ted Baker Fragranced body spray 150ml

This product is the same as the previous item review, although it has a different fragrance. The two fragrances are only slightly different, this one being sweeter and more girly. I prefer this edition because of that reason; the pink packaging looks lovely too.

Charlie Red body spray 75ml (£1.00)

Charlie red can be found in many beauty stores such as boots, Superdrug, Wilkinson’s, Bodycare etc. It is a fairly well known brand, red, being one that has been out for a while.

It is great value for money, and the 75ml spray lasts quite a while. I don’t know about you, but I like spray cans, there nice to grip while you use and remind me when I first got into buying body sprays.

Personally, I really like the scent, it’s quite fresh and slightly musky, plus it’s not overly girly – great for tomboys! Some may wish to use it as a deodorant; overall I believe it’s a classic buy.

Avon Outspoken by Fergie body spray 75ml (£3.60)

I received this body spray as a birthday present and although I didn’t buy it myself, find it lovely to use. I don’t tend to buy Avon products; I’m not a great fan really.

Particularly with the body sprays and perfumes from Avon, the scent is never very strong, and in my opinion not really value for money.

I quite like the scent, it’s trendy and pretty but I don’t think I like it enough to buy another or try the perfume edition. Despite this, I’m found of the packaging, very modern! I like Fergie, so trying this celebrity brand was a must.

Playboy Play It Rock 75ml

This came from a playboy fragrance set (priced £10.00) from the boots catalogue. I must admit I haven’t really been using the spray as much as I’ve mainly been using the perfume that came with it.

I wasn’t really impressed with the quality of the body spray, although the packaging was attractive; the scent was not particularly that strong.

If you are looking to try playboy toiletries I would recommend the Eau de Toilette because that is lovely. This smells stronger, and I would describe as a sexy scent.

Fcuk polished body spray 200ml

As one of my favourite body mists or all time, FCUK is an ultimate must buy for me. Originally I received a trial edition in FCUK set one Christmas and adored the scent.

I had some leftover boots points and treated myself to some 3 for 2 bath stuff; one of the things I picked up was the full size version of the FCUK spray.

I like the clear bottle because you can see how much you have left. The spray top mechanism is very reliable, and diffuses the fluid very evenly. It has a lush vanilla smell, with slight musky undertones. Out of the body sprays I have reviewed – I most recommend this!


  1. is the purple edition Ted Baker Fragranced body spray still available now? :) i got it from from aunt shes from UK and im from the philippines, i really love it but i dont know where to buy.. :) thanks

    1. I’m afraid I think it’s been discontinued. You could try eBay though. I now use Ted Bakers new range which can be bought on Ted Baker have two ranges now – Origami & Butterfly Wings. I recommend butterfly wings. I've done reviews for both and links below. Hope I've helped in some way.
      Helen Xx