Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Escada 'Sexy Graffiti' 30ml perfume £22

I remember first purchasing Escada Island Kiss a few years back and loving it to bits. The Escada range of perfumes is maybe kind of aimed towards teenagers but being a bit older does not stop me. 

They’ve also brought out a minis collection too. I received a similar Escada minis box a few years back for my birthday which was absolutely lovely.  

Debenhams do an exclusive gift box, including a make-up bag and body lotion. I made the mistake of buying the 30ml at Debenhams; you can get the same bottle in The Perfume Shop for £20. 

I do like the new 30ml packaging but personally I preferred it how it was back when Escada first came out with Island Kiss. The bottles are fairly similar but the box design isn’t as good as it was.

Island kiss has always been my favourite but when I was in town at the perfume counter it seemed the scent might have been modified. They might have collaborated a number of scents into one, I don’t know.

I had not tried Sexy Graffiti before because it’s always been hard to get hold of in the UK.  When I had a smell of it at the perfume counter it really stood out to me.  

Although it’s really fruity, it’s also quite girly and feminine too. Overall the Sexy Graffiti is divine and the scent is what counts. It’s a perfect summer/holiday fragrance and makes a perfect gift too! I might go back into town and get the other editions at a later point.