Friday, 15 June 2012

Primark Socks Review!!!

I wanted to blog these socks I bought from Primark because there lush. You may be thinking why I’m doing a review on socks...

At £2.50 for five pairs there a complete bargain. They come in one size, I have quite big feet but they fit fine on me. There great for wearing in the house or out and about under shoes/boots.

I went for the pastel colours because they give me that lovely summer feeling. For the price, the quality is great and they have a super soft feel to them.

Socks in Primark can normally be found near the till, there’s normally a whole row of them in different colours and patterns. 


If you have not already bought socks from Primark, I highly recommend them. Everrytime I’m in Primark, I like to pick up a new pair!