Friday, 24 May 2013

Boots Extracts Product Reviews (From Gift Set)

Coconut Body Butter 200ml (£7.95)

I received these products in an Extracts gift set at Christmas. All the products I will be reviewing can be bought exclusively at Boots stores anytime during the year.

Although I’ve been fond of Extracts products for ages this is the first time I’ve got my hands on any of the coconut products by the brand.

I found this body butter soft and velvety to the touch. Unlike the mango body butter the coconut is less thick therefore easier to apply.

After using it in the shower it soaked into the skin quickly, was a joy to use and left a beautiful lasting scent throughout the day.

Coconut Body Lotion 200ml (lotions £5.25 for 250ml)

I didn’t notice an obvious difference between the lotion and the body butter. The body butter was a little thicker but did the same kind of thing.

I found because the two were in a set I could conveniently switch between the two for example if I was in a rush I could apply the lotion and be good to go.

Coconut Body Wash 200ml (£4.25)

Again I’ve never tried any of the coconut range before in this brand. I have favoured the mango or brazil nut body wash for a good while and have been delighted with the quality of these.

I did find the coconut body wash to be a nice product however I still prefer other scents in the range. The coconut wasn’t as strongly fragranced in my opinion. Despite this it was a joy to use alongside the other coconut items in the range.

Mango Body Butter 200ml (£7.95)

I’ve used this product many times before and I just keep going back. I love to stock up on the extracts in the boots Christmas gift range.

The mango scent is utterly divine and my skin just soaks up the butter. It works best on the skin after having a shower or a bath. It isn’t the quickest to sink in so if you’re in a rush you might like to use less or swap with the body lotion version.

The 200ml is a good size and lasts a fair amount of time. It’s also fair-trade which I like. I like using it alongside the body wash. The prices are a little more expensive but the quality you receive is excellent.

Mango Body Lotion 200ml (lotions £5.25 for 250ml)

This is an excellent product. It sinks into the skin very quickly and leaves a beautiful mango fragrance on the skin. It’s less thick than the body butter making it perfect to use if you are in a rush.

Mango Body Wash 200ml (£4.25)

I can’t say enough good things about this particular product. The quality is fantastic; I found the authentic mango scent heavenly. They use fair-trade ingredients and the packaging is lovely and simple.

Extracts Eco Bag

I wasn’t overly in love with the bag that the set came with.  I think maybe the style was a little too old for my liking. Others may like the design – I wasn’t amazed.

I cannot say enough positive things about Boots extracts products. They have been my go to brand for many years.

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Have you tried Extracts products before? What is your go to brand in bath products?