Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Radox Shower Smoothie Tropical Tranquillity 200ml £2.95

As stated on the bottle ‘Radox Shower Smoothies Tropical Tranquillity is a luxurious coconut shower smoothie with crushed almonds and myrrh.’

I’ve spoke about Radox shower smoothies before and my favourite of all time is the cranberry and blackberry edition which is called the soul soother. This is the most fantastic scented and beautiful shower gel I’ve ever used.

Disappointingly the tropical tranquillity did no way live up to this. The fragrance was hardly noticeable, in fact I could barely smell the supposedly coconut scent.

While using this product it didn’t do much for me. It’s lathered up ok and was fairly soft on the skin. At £2.95 it’s rather steep for a shower gel. It seems each shower smoothie in the range claims to do something different. In my opinion this is over marketing.

My advice is not to by this particular item but instead try the Radox cranberry soul soother version – much better! Review for this here. I still have yet to try the island indulgence which is waiting to be used in my bathroom, review for this coming soon.

Have you tried Radox products? Would you consider buying one of their shower smoothies?