Saturday, 11 May 2013

Johnson's Dreamy Skin 3in1 Facial Night Wipes x 25 £1.52

Johnsons are a trustworthy brand and the price is extremely reasonable for 25 large sized wipes. But wow! I was so taken aback at how fabulous this product was. These are the best facial wipes I’ve ever used.

I must admit although the brand is well known, I’ve only really used there moisturiser. But now I’m willing to be much more open to trying other products by their name.

Each wipe is dreamy soft and comforting on the skin. I found the wipes to be calming and gentle but remove eye makeup well. They worked well with my skin type and didn’t cause any breakouts.

Also these wipes are specifically designed for using at night. They are enriched with relaxing moonflower aroma to calm the senses. I found them therapeutic, a pleasure to use and they helped me to unwind. 

I bought these wipes on click here to buy.

What is your go to brand for face wipes? Have you tried any of Johnsons products?