Wednesday, 28 March 2018

White Chocolate Cornflake Cakes with Mini Eggs

Hi and welcome to my first Easter inspired blog post for 2018. I’ve had the baking bug lately and have been busy in the kitchen making things for Easter. I first started browsing inspiration on Google images and someone had made cornflake cakes but with white chocolate. I thought this was a great adaption to a classic. I then referred to my Cakes & Cookies for beginners book by Usborne cookery school for a basic cornflake cake recipe, I kept exactly to this but instead of using milk chocolate I used white chocolate. Afterwards I decorated with mini eggs which was my own twist.

I hadn’t made cornflake cakes in what seems like forever, I forgot how simple they are! I was pleased that my white chocolate alternative was a success, it gave the recipe a slightly different look and taste. I can see myself experimenting further next time, for example I could use a different cereal or replace the mini eggs with some other themed treat. If you are wanting to whip up something quick for Easter I recommend you give these a go. You could even wait until after the weekend to use up left over chocolate eggs.

Are you going to make any Easter treats this holiday? 
Wishing you a lovely week whatever you are doing. :-) Xx

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