Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Body Shop Make-Up Value Pack £20

I bought a make-up set from The Body Shop a while ago but waited a little while to get a feel of the products before reviewing.

As soon as we walked in, me and my friend saw the gift bags and bought them. I liked how all the products could be used together and they came in an attractive bag which could make a cool gift also. I bought this gift bag in store in Newcastle; the assistants were lovely and very helpful.

The Body Shop is having quite a lot of offers at the moment, particularly online. I thought they might be having financial problems or something but I’m not sure for certain.

Included in the pack was super volume mascara, an eye liner with a smudging tool at the end. Also included were a four part shimmer eye shadow set and a small eye shadow brush.

I tried the products all together and the effect was gorgeous. The eye shadows gave off a beautiful shimmer and could be applied with the brush while wet. I imagine the eye shadows will last me a while, as the cubes are very deep. I don’t normally use a brush but the one that came in the pack was very handy to use with the eye shadow and just the right size. 

The eye-liner blended in well particularly when using the smudger. The navy colour stood out and went well with the other navy tones in the gift pack. I prefer eyeliners which you don’t have to sharpen though, like this eyeliner, you have to use a pencil sharper and I can never get the right point and the product always breaks.

The mascara packaging was really pretty; there are little sparkly bits on. The brush looks quite promising but when you take it out but I find the product to be quite messy. I found after applying, when blinking, little specks of mascara came up around the eye area. I do not know if it’s just me but I have not found this problem with other mascaras.

If you are a fan of The Body Shop you may like to pick up a similar value pack. I’m glad I bought this pack instead of buying individual items at full price. I don’t think I will be re-purchasing any items on their own, other than the eye shadow, none really stood out to me.