Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm In Caramel £3.00

I bought this lip balm in The Body Shop store recently and was included in a buy one get one half price offer. Out of the two items I bought, the lip balm was cheaper therefore I got this half price.

I’m fairly pleased with my purchase. I bought it after seeing if on The Body Shop website and wanted to try the caramel edition. 

I was in the store and it seemed in the lip balm tub, caramel had sold out quite fast, luckily the assistant had a dig and she found me one of the caramel ones at the bottom!

I adore the packaging; it’s modern and nice to pop in your bag. I bought this item half price on offer so it was a good bargain. Despite this I think at full price it’s still a good buy.

I do think the scent is pretty nice but I thought it was going to be more of an intense caramel smell. It’s actually fairly light and still smells like every day make-up normally does.

I couldn’t smell it in the shop because the lip balms were all packaged up. So I took a chance. But now that I’ve bought it I think I should have got the plum instead.

On the plus side the lip balm has a lovely tint, depending on the flavour. It’s a brown, caramel sort of tint which looks lovely and fairly natural on the lips.

The actual quality of the lip balm is very good. The consistency isn’t greasy and stays on the lips nicely. I might by the plum one next time I’m in town!