Friday, 28 September 2012

Ted Baker Origami Occasions Gift Set £10.00

This gift set includes bath foam 50ml, body spray 50ml, body soufflé 50ml & body wash 50ml.

I received this gift set for my birthday as a surprise. I loved the packaging and have used Ted Baker Products for many years. 

This was the first time I had used the new Origami products and was fairly pleased with the results. The products were good quality and I liked the new packaging.

I enjoyed using the bath foam; it left a lovely lasting aroma in the bathroom. The 50ml only really lasts one or two times in the bath but was a nice taster on the product.

The body wash similarly to the bath foam, left behind a nice scent. It foamed well and was a nice handy size for travel.

The body spray I found a little overpowering. For the other items in the set it wasn’t as much of an issue but with the spray, only a very little amount was needed because of the strong aroma.

The body soufflé was very luxurious to use and left a lasting scent of the skin. It took a little longer to sink in than a regular body lotion but gave a more nourishing effect.

Overall the scent was the main factor on my decision not to repurchase. Ted Baker does another range called butterfly which I am tempted to buy – I’m just hoping the scent isn’t as strong.