Saturday, 14 November 2015

Beginning your Christmas Shopping & what's on the shelves at the mo.

I loooove seeing all the gift sets in the shops and online. I popped into both Boots and Superdrug recently and snapped a few photos of what was on the shelves. Christmas shopping can be exciting but also a tiring experience so I thought this post would be a chatty and hopefully inspirational one to start thinking about your own gift buying.

The way I get started is browse websites and go into shops in town to see what’s out. I found with beginning early I could take advantage of some of the sales. I started picking up little bits around summer time. I did a lot of my in town shopping in September and finished off with a few online orders.

Superdrug are excellent for bringing out Christmas stock super early and often with initial discounts. Boots are always amazing for beauty and bath sets and I think their high end beauty sets are just so on point this year. I shopped around to get the best prices on some more expensive items and found Poundland, Primark etc. excellent for stocking fillers.

What are your top Christmas shopping tips? Have you bought any Christmas gifts yet? :-) Xx



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