Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Galaxy Hot Chocolate

I’ve mentioned my love for hot chocolate a couple of times now and you all seem to enjoy it too so todays post is a review of a variety I love… Galaxy! This brand are definitely known for their silky, indulgent chocolate bars but actually I think the hot cocoa range is also pretty on point and great if you are on a budget. I picked this box up in a discount store for only 99p which to me is a great deal.

It tastes like Galaxy chocolate, its rich, creamy and with lots of bubbles. Just add hot water and milk, a perfect way to warm up after a crisp Autumn walk. This was not the first time I’ve tried their hot chocolate, it’s actually probably one of the best you can find in supermarkets although I do have special place in my heart for the Whittard’s brand.

So are you about to boil the kettle and make yourself a hot chocolate? 
Do you enjoy trying different varieties? :-) xx

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