Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Danby Health Shop – Review of products available

The Danby health shop is based in the North York Moors, England. I go there once a year on holiday to a cottage nearby. The shop keepers who work there are really lovely, always happy to help and have time to chat.

The shop stocks mainly food goods. We order a fantastic fruit and veg box from them. They also stock a very large range of different kinds of chocolate.

I thought I would do a review of their beauty and bath products available. They have just recently started stocking Lavera products, which are aimed to suit people with sensitive skin.

A lot of the products are quite specialised, which is great it you are looking for something really specific. They offer shampoos for a range of hair types and the same with skin care products etc.


The only thing I would say is I would love for them to stock a few more general beauty products. I do not really have specific skin or hair requirements but love to pamper.

They often have free samples and little bits to buy if you’re looking for gifts. They products are very luxurious, and also at full size cost a little more. I enjoyed visiting the shop and treated myself to a few bits as I was on my holiday.