Monday, 30 July 2012

Escada Island Kiss Gift Set (£33 Debenhams)

Includes 50ml Island Kiss Perfume

I remember popping into Boots, around the time Escada Island Kiss was first launched years back. I was first attracted to the beautiful bottle, they’ve updated it now, but I loved the original packaging.

As soon as I smelt it, I was in love. Since then Escada have brought out variations of Island Kiss each summer for years.

Only recently when the 20 year mark hit, they brought out the original Escada Island Kiss again. I asked for the gift set from Debenhams for my birthday this year and at the time it was on sale.

I can’t say enough about this fabulous perfume. It’s very tropical and citrus smelling. I would say it’s quite a youthful fragrance and perfect for summer/going on your holiday.

The new packaging is pretty cool, but in my eyes doesn’t meet up to the original. I also bought Escada Sexy Graffiti which can be bought on its own or as the gift set. I bought the 30ml bottle, and reviewed it here.

Includes 50ml moisturising body lotion

I’ve used this body lotion a fair few times now. It’s a lovely light lotion that sinks into the skin quickly and easily. Because the lotion is perfumed, it’s perfect to apply before going out. It can be used with the perfume or on its own.

The lotion is not glittery which I like as it’s more suitable for day time wear and general use. The bottle is quite small, but can be used for travel.

The only slight negative, is that I prefer the original island kiss packaging, which I’ve stated before. However the new packaging is lovely and represents the brand quite well.

I enjoy using the product, and the quality is very high. Unfortunately I don’t think you can by the lotion on its own.

Includes A Escada make-up bag

The bag I received was slightly different to the one photographed on the Debenhams website. I received a wrap make-up bag which has different sections and perfect for taking away.

The bag featured on the Debenhams site is a smaller zip up make-up bag. I actually prefer the bag I received as it’s more practical and very useful.

Click here to buy the set from Debenhams!